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Good Memories

Oh gosh, so many things from this video became part of my class's little culture.
"Boobies ahoy!"
"A woah what? A woah whaaaatttt?"
So many good times. Of course, I just graduated high school, but its great to see where all the shit wreaked in middle school came from.

It's not as good as I remember, but still funny as hell when I remember all the stuff that my friends and I did as a result of it. Ahhhh, good memories.

Brilliantly done

Until the end - the VERY end, I believe I would have given this a low score. However, now realizing this flash is much longer than the first, and judging the content in that added time, I must give this flash a high score. This made me laugh, no joke.

I must ask, is your favorite color really fuschia like the flash says?

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Relaxing and Fun

Looking at all the past comments, obviously I can't contribute anything except that I was able to play this on a laptop just fine. Very fun and quite addicting. The audio at times can seem a tad off, but all and all very finely done.

Peice of Art that Fcuks with your insides

This game is simply amazing. Finished it. The style rocks inside out and forward and back. The music gets repetitive, but I like how it is repetitive, and the way it repeats, how it fades to static. The ending scared the shit out of me, but I was glad there was some sort of ending.

Still trying to find every way to be in the box and be out of the box.

Until I played it again, I didn't realize there was a skip button. I am very glad I didn't find it.

One type at the end, though. I think it was 'it' instead of 'in.' That or the other way around, but I'm sure it was 'it.' Another typo with the sleeping. Extream should be extreme.

Other than the typos, perfect.

Kitten-eating trans enby scum!
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